Vernon Store: Shops At 30 Plaza, 435 Hartford Turnpike, Vernon, CT 860-871-8202
Glastonbury Store: Putnam Bridge Plaza, 3047 Main St, Glastonbury, CT 860-657-1284

EARN 40-50% of every SALE...Make $$ MONEY from ITEMS in your CLOSET...JEWELRY is a TOP seller....14kt..Sterling...Vintage ...DESIGNER purses COACH, DOONEY & BOURKE, KATE SPADE, COLE HAAN, MARC JACOBS, etc....

No appointment ever necessary for consigning with us.

Business Hours

Mon-Wed 10-6
Thur 10-7
Fri-Sat 10-5
Sun 12-5

Consignment Hours

Mon-Wed 10-5
Thurs 10-6
Fri-Sat 10-4

Aug 1st - Oct 1st

Fall items include wool items, jeans, leather and suede.

Feb 1st - April 1st

Spring items are ¾ and short sleeves, lightweight sweaters, jackets and capris.

April 1st - July 1st

Summer items include shorts, tank tops, sundresses and sandals.

Oct 1st - Dec 1st

Winter items include wool items, heavy coats and jackets, scarves, gloves, and boots.

We are always accepting jewelry, home décor, antiques and collectibles.

  1. Consignment Terms
    1. All clothing and accessories must be in current style (no more than 2 years old), in season and in perfect condition. Items must be freshly laundered and smoke free.
    2. All clothing must be brought in on hangers to prevent wrinkling. Your hangers will be returned to you upon request. Items requiring pressing will be paid out at 30% of sale price, instead of the usual 40%. The pressing service will not be available during busiest seasons.
    3. Jewelry must be 14k, sterling silver, vintage or high quality costume. Sterling must be polished, watches running.
    4. Childrens apparel will be limited to specialty store and catalog brands only.
    5. Home décor must be recently purchased and in perfect condition clean and dust free. Items which cannot be priced at $6min will not be accepted.
  2. Any item found to have a defect that was not called to our attention at time of drop off may be reduced in price, removed from the sales floor and/or donated without notice.
  3. The selling price of each item is determined by JLN (Approximately 1/3 of original price). The consignor will receive 40% of sales price. If item is over $50 consignor will receive 50% of sale price. Due to rising costs of computer equipment, tickets, bags, etc, a small buyer’s fee will be charged on items. This will not affect the 40% base price split between the consignor and JLN.
  4. Consignments are kept for 60 days. After 30 days all items will be reduced in price by 50%. This will exclude items that are priced over $50 or vendor items which will be reduced 20% after 30 days. JLN reserves the right to run periodic sales outside of the normal 30 day period. This will include bi annual clearance and coupon sales.
  5. Between the 50th and 59th day of consignment unsold items must be removed from the sales floor by the consignor, or they will become property of JLN. A print out of remaining items may be obtained for an additional fee. It is the consignor’s responsibility to monitor pick up dates. There will be no exceptions.
  6. All money due to a consignor must be collected no later than 12 months from the date the item sold. Checks must have at least a $10 value in order to be collected. Any amount may be used for store credit.
  7. All items are left at your own risk. While precautions are taken by JLN, we do not accept responsibility for loss theft, or damage.
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